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Rocks to Flies

Queen4JGro's picture
on July 17, 2011 - 8:55pm

It is not often that you can hear of someone traveling 60 miles to go to a beach when they live a block away from a beach. Of course I did... The difference in the beaches is the type of stones housed in the sand. Location, location, location. After 15 minutes of being at our destination point, my daughter, grandson and I decided that we no longer wanted to donate our flesh to the flies. I hate being fly bait. Man they can bite hard. I did find some beautiful stones, mostly quartz. No agates.

Now it is thundering and lightening. I knew that is why the flies were biting.

It has been terribly hot and humid. We only have open windows and fans. No air conditioning. When is winter? Not soon enough.

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