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Should have stayed in bed this morning

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on December 14, 2009 - 9:09pm

Do you ever realize half-way through your day that staying in bed would have been a better option? Well, I certainly should have.

I thought my day was starting out great; got up at 6A, made breakfast for my son, took my shower, and got out the door to find we got more snow. But that is okay. I like snow. However, one block from home, my 11-year-old son, who has major anxiety issues and sensory ingegration disorders, announced he had a social studies test this morning. We got to the highway and his head hurt, stomach hurt. One mile down the highway and his back hurt. Made it to school and he refused to get out of the car because he was sick. He started to cry and said he was too afraid to go into school because he was going to fail his test. This behavior is not unusual, but normally, I give in to him and bring him to his baby sitters. This time I decided it was going to be different. I took all of his belongings, went into school, put everything in front of his locker-on the floor, and told his teacher he was there. I had to go back outside and almost pry him out of my car. He was in pretty tough shape and it broke my heart. I finally got him in school, but his class had already gone down to the gym for convocation. Now it was just the two of us in his classroom. He fell apart-hit his forehead on his desk chair on purpose, looked at me and punched the cement wall with his fists, and crouched down on the floor telling me he was going to 'throw up'. I told him he better get down to the bathroom. You should have seen his shocked little face!! It wasn't long and the class came back, I talked to his teacher and went to the chapel to pray and cry.

I was so upset when I got to work. I did not get anything done this morning. This afternoon I tried to organize my typing schedule because I have so much work to do. I had to put some dictation tapes and file material in the mail for another secretary to type. I took one of the tapes, erased the old name and automatically erased the tape. The person that dictated on that tape spent many hard hours working on this huge court case and I completely destroyed everything. I am just sick. Now I had to tell him. He was almost in tears. I have never seen him so upset in all of the years we have worked together. I asked him if he kept his notes and of course he did not. Big mistake. He had to leave the office for the day; could not handle anymore. I devastated him. After he left, I just sobbed. What a stupid, thoughtless mistake. I then called the Office of Retirement Services and requested a retirement application. Mistakes like I made just cannot happen.

After work, I picked up my son who had a great day at school. His teacher verified it. We went to Staples and then to the book store. Another big mistake. We spent over an hour in that small store. On our way home, he found a pair of motion lights in the back of my car that I was hiding from him for Christmas. He wanted to take them in the house and I reluctantly agreed. To make a longer story short, he could not find his MP3 player to hook up to the lights and I got the blame for everything. He went spinning out of control.

I finally got him to eat dinner about 9P, he calmed down and I put him in bed around 10P. He read part of a story and fell asleep.

I started a load of laundry, ate my dinner and now I am exhausted.
Time to put my laundry in the dryer and go to bed.

By the Grace of God, my day tomorrow will be much better and more productive.

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