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So Much to Say

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on September 29, 2010 - 6:25pm

My fingers flew on the keyboard and my brain has been sucked dry. Deadlines stink when I have been away from the office. I can hear the time tick away and hope that the attorney does not come looking for their report. I was past my 48 hour deadline. Thank goodness they are done - until tomorrow.

I was told yesterday that piano players make fast typists! No kidding. Hellooooooooooo! Thank you mom and grandma.


The October 2010 issue of Passage Maker, The Trawler and Ocean Motorboat Magazine! Page 109, "Fill, Fair, Sand, Repeat". My dad is mentioned in this section. I am so proud. Never in my wildest imagination or ever in my dreams did I think my father would be named in a magazine, let alone this hiddee ho publication. It is a wonderful article about the Perseverance owned by Roy Ness of Roy Ness Contracting who is now a young 90 years of age. My father, almost a young 86. One of Roy's rules when mom and dad went on a yachting adventure is that dad has to bring a loaf or two or his homemade rye bread and a bag of homemade cookies.


Little did Josh know that his album, Illuminations, was being released on the day of the Blessed Event. November 15th will be illuminating all right! In da U.P. of Michigan!!!! Hunting season. All I will see from November 13th to November 27th is orange. Not just any shade of orange, but bright, can't miss it if you tried orange. They are all over like flies. Men in orange, and a few women too. I think Josh would really love to witness the Blessed Event for himself. It is usually held in a camp, camper, tent and tavern. Men are free from wife/girlfriend/children and such. Work is not a thought. The real manly man hunters sit around in their long underwear, drink beer and play cards. There might be a fire in the fireplace or wood stove. Soup is probably cooking on the stove. Kerosene lanterns are usually on the tables. Flashlights are not too far from the door so the evening potty goers can find the outhouse down the path. Women and children are usually forbidden to enter the man camp during this Blessed Event. The best conversations heard are men discussing the BIG HUNT. You can almost year the manly man grunt sound and see the puffed out chest. No matter what sex the animal is, it is always referred to as "she". The rack on the deer is always bigger than it actually is - just like fish stories. The time it took to find the deer and the terrain trampled through is very important to mention. Goes along with the bragging rights.

On my way to work in the morning, I might see a dead deer hanging from a rope in front of a motel or a deer or two mounted on top of a car or truck.

My favorite stories are those of men who live in Lower Michigan, in the city, and come to the U.P. to hunt dear at the bars where you might find the Hunters Ball!! The dear they hunt are the hunters widows, wives/significants others of men celebrating the Blessed Event at camp for a week or so. I have never been foolish enough to go near a place of celebration, but know of many who have.

There is chili on the stove waiting for me to eat. I better get my face away from this computer before I stay here all night long. Can't help it. I am a computer junkie and addicted to this site.

Goodnight and happy thoughts.


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