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What Should I Title This Journal

Queen4JGro's picture
on October 18, 2011 - 8:10pm

Since I can't think of what to title this journal, I won't. I just have so much to journal.

Tonight I went to my parents for dinner. My mother commented on the graffiti painted in white, "Slick", on the property of three area churches. All different denominations. My comment to her was, "Well, at least whoever did it spelled the word correctly."

I have been so preoccupied over the missing infant, Lisa. Bits and pieces of information are surely being leaked out, but the public is not informed. Tonight I saw that an 11 year old boy is missing and his mother was found murdered in their apartment.

On a news site on the internet I read about Britanny Spears and her new video "Criminal" being released. It has been on YouTube and pulled off. That says enough. We all know far too well that thousands of dollars will be spent buying that music video on ITunes or some other site by young people.

Then, the icing on the cake. Information about a movie where the actress actually did not eat so she could be extremely thin, then being asked to go out and get very drunk so when she goes into work in the morning she looks terrible. And she did! To be in character in this movie, she also pierced a nipple. When I did not think it would sound worse, it did. Also in this movie the actress gets beaten and raped. And she did! That pretty much drew the line. Even though this movie is based on a novel and as I am told constantly, "It's just a movie. Get over it. It is not real", it still irritates me.

On the radio I listen to songs about getting drunk, high on drugs, waking up next to someone unknown.

Maybe my thick skin is thinning because I just became so overwhelmed that I wanted to hide somewhere. Since I was not able to do that, I put on Illuminations. I listened to that cd all day long. Josh is the best tranquilizer. I felt so much better.

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