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on November 22, 2009 - 7:12pm


My SIL...who was (still is) my friend before she got together with my brother...decided today that she wants to be separated from my brother, for good.
She was only taking a break from their relationship to think things over...I guess that's what she thought of.
My brother is heartbroken and still loves her very much. He's been leaving with us for a few weeks now and only gets to see his kids during the weekend...and only one day during the week. He misses them terribly, too.
He's so down and hurt that he doesn't even want to go to their apartment and get the rest of his things.

We'll see what happens during the next few days/weeks/months...

Hope she finds a job, because I don't think my brother he's going to be working grave yard ships like crazy, just so she can waste money. She's my friend and I love her, but she needs to get her priorities get a job and use the money for things, like diapers for my Niece, the rent and instead of whitening her teeth that cost close to a hundred dollars and exercise that don't make you sweat.


Back to the good...

I've had a lazy weekend. First time in a few months. I've been working on the Christmas cards that I'll be sending to people who've helped me through so much and just make me laugh.
I'm caught up with the school work....only 4 weeks left! The Christmas presents are bought (Only for the kids this year).

Hope everyone had a decent weekend.

I'm ready for the AMA's!


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