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I...have appeared...

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on November 19, 2009 - 11:10pm

For someone who missed the journals, while the site was being re-polished, I sure haven't been writing. Which is weird, because I always write once a day AND I have a lot to complain about...seriously.

The holidays are closing in, so that equals me being busy with the church choir and all the special services and more paper/exams/assignments because teachers like to squish everything in towards the end.

BUT...I rather be really busy than doing nothing at all. Remember my dull summer? Yeah...

Moving on...

Some of you know, my major is Early Childhood Development. Well, on Tuesday morning, I had to do a preschool observation...and it made me so much more excited to finish up school and start teaching in my own class room. *giddy*

I'll promise (like you really care) I write more and read your journals...I'm having a bit of difficult time getting my comments and finding the new journal entries you write. I'm good at everything else on staring at Mr. Sexy.

Goodnight my family...

OH!! I was at rehearsals today, and while singing the counterpart...part, I was complimented on my singing voice. *blush*

I'm not good at taking compliments...I get shy and I don't say anything and hide.

I'm working on it.


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