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ooh..the history

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on November 10, 2009 - 5:43pm

i've been getting back papers and exams back from my colonial history professor...all D's. *head desk* su-ucks. especially, because i was ill when i took the last exam. i'm just hoping to squeeze in through this doesn't have anything to do with my major anyway...but still a requirement. can you say, A WASTE OF TIME?

anyways, i'm sure some of you remember all the annoying drama here in the household...well my younger brother now has his baby boy, BUT the crazy ex-girlfriend won't let him see him. he's working, but has no money because he's slutting around with other girls he works with. he recently decided to go to the army OR police academy...he hasn't acted on anything.

with my older brother, well my SIL told him that she "needs time apart" and to "think about what she wants." i really don't care what they do, just as long it's not something stupid...what matters to me is that my Nephew, Derek who's now 4, has been through this type of crap. Now, there's my Niece...she's 2 next week. All of that affects the kids and i'm worried.


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