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still walking on air

numberonejoshfan2000's picture
on July 22, 2011 - 5:02pm

10 short nights ago, I was sitting in the front row at Conseco in Indy, and the fantastic piano player that opened for Josh was almost finished playing. He was extremely talented, and funny. But the concert of my dreams was soon to begin. I took tons of photos, blurring a lot of them, and took videos, accidentally chopping off poor Josh's head. I had a camera in each hand, and believe me, it was not easy. And on top of that, I was watching Josh and band. It was amazing!!! I am not dissatisfied that I ended up with some blurry pix, and some less that great videos. I have them, and some wonderful memories. I am going to try to upload the best of the videos, War At Home on here. Thank you Josh, for a night I will always remember. I treasure the memory of the incredible concert, but even more, I will treasure the photo you signed, and I want to thank you for accepting the 30 yellow roses. I hope you will keep it. You are always in my heart, you funny, sweet, sexy, awesome, gorgeous...ok, you get!!! Thank you!!!!!

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