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so time has flown

oakley08's picture
on June 18, 2010 - 4:11am

the last time i wrote anything was at the begining of my maternity leave!
Oliver finally arrived and is 3 weeks old today!! How the time flies indeed..even if he was 9 days over and had the trauma of arriving into this word via the use of forceps!! He really dint wanna come out and greet us!

Labour i can say has put me off for life and am very sure the wee man will be an only child. Altho he is a very laid back and chilled individual, he is suffering now with wind. I have never in my life heard such high pitched screams from any living creature and never thought it was physically possible to produce that kind of noise.

I hope he doesnt suffer with it for too long as we are flying over to canada to meet his grandparents and bens side of the family in 5 weeks time...long haul flights and upset babies dont mix....
Any1 with tips are welcome to suggest :-D

While he is asleep im gonna take advantage and have a shower!

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