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A little helping of humble pie ....

ObiWanCannoli's picture
on December 11, 2009 - 8:25am

For those of you who don't want to hear my opinion of Josh's video of himself buying toys for charity then please skip this ... And this is just my opinion ... I'm sorry if you feel it's harsh ...

First off it's wonderful to be charitable. It's quite awe-inspiring to give of yourself. And if you don't have a lot of money to throw around then doing something nice for someone is just as charitable as giving them money ... donating food to a food bank, making a homeless person a meal out of your leftovers or making them a sandwich ... donating anonymously like dropping all the coins in your pocket into the Salvation Army bucket (once you're gone there's no way to trace it back to you) ... or hugging someone who seems to just need one. (Be careful with that one! LOL) Donating coats and blankets ... Anyway ... the Grobanites who love Josh so much that they give of themselves by donating things to the auction and the ones who spend LOADS of money on something that isn't nearly worth what they've paid is honorable! I have to say that the people who spent $100 each for a calendar that I made just because I actually love to create pretty things out of wonderful pics of Josh that other charitable Grobanites have kindly donated to me and not necessarily for the purpose of making that calendar is INCREDIBLE! I intend to give them their money's worth ... and the charity making (this is ballpark because I can't remember the actual number ) some $14,000 on an auction that didn't actually boast as many items as it usually does is ASTOUNDING!

Charity these days seems to be something that people wear proudly like a badge on their shirt LOOK AT ME, I GIVE! I'm not necessarily saying that being proud that you give is wrong but telling the world about it isn't exactly being humble. Does it make you feel better to tell other people that you are charitable? It should make you feel better inside that's for sure but really do you get a boost knowing that you've told thousands of people that you give? I'm totally the opposite ... I love to be charitable but I feel it's a private thing. I don't tell anyone that I do it and am somewhat offended by people who feel the need to boast about it. My daughter once - when she was about 10 - gave her blanket away {the ones she used every night in her bed} to a homeless woman ... we had driven up to the laundry mat to wash them in the huge washers and a homeless woman was in there warming up and my daughter's heart just broke knowing how cold it was outside so she asked me if she could give away her blanket and I allowed it. We never told anyone about that, it wasn't something that you post on a website or brag to a newspaper about because it was something personal between her and God - and us too but we weren't telling ... I might be the odd one, I might be different than the rest but the photos of Josh with the donated toys was plenty but now a video? I love you Josh but really? We already know you're a great guy, we know you are charitable ... but this? And how about some sort of post to the people who opened their wallets and turned out their pockets to buy things from your charity auction? Times are hard now and people just don't have a lot of extra to give ... but you gave tens of thousands of dollars to a charity for toy and made a video ... you have tens of thousands to give ... what about the Grobanite who spent some $800 on a blanket? Where was her video? Where was even a thank you from yourself or your mom? I don't really think I'm being too demanding - and I'm certainly not asking for anything for myself - but I just would like you to think about it ... My intent is not to embarrass you or upset you - make you more mad at me -- or make the list of my enemies grow but I was just very disturbed at your obvious display of generosity where everyone could see it. Charity isn't about shameless self-promotion Josh ... it's just about helping where needed and not stoking your ego. Every year in Chicago some anonymous benefactor throws actual GOLD coins into the Salvation Army buckets and NO ONE has ever found out who is doing it and the person who does it NEVER comes forward. That is the most spectacular display of generosity and charity that I've ever come across and I hope we never, ever know who is doing it. I hope that person truly feels fantastic for doing it and no one knowing. It's admirable. Do you know one year at my job they were going to make it a requirement that in order to get your yearly bonus you had to fill out a sheet of charitable contributions you did throughout the year ... I was personally insulted because I do charitable things NOT for monetary gratification or ego gratification but because I WANT to and because it made me feel like a better person inside knowing that I'd helped someone. I refused to fill it out. I didn't care if I got a bonus or not - to me that was blood money. It was sickening. So Josh please do things because they make you feel more worthy inside not because you think it'll make people believe you're a good person - we already know that - or because you think more people will like you - trust me, we do. Or maybe you're throwing a stick so we won't notice that instead of finalizing a CD and making tour plans you're playing around in Target ... instead of making a video journal of your time spent in the studio you are rocking in a chair ... mmhmm ... we noticed.

So hopefully you've gotten this far in the journal entry because I want to say I'm sorry anyone felt this was harsh but it's been bugging me for some time now - after the bragging tweet and then the pics and now the video ... I'd much rather see a video of Josh in the studio, practicing a new tune on piano, or shaping up his dance moves for the next tour than shopping for charity and letting the world know about it.


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