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No message board for me :(

pearcenalaska's picture
on November 13, 2009 - 11:10am

I am unable to sign into the message sad! I assume they will figure it out eventually ;)

My Dad is out of the ICU and getting ready to go home. I wish this was good news. Unfortunately all this means is that there is nothing more they can do for him, at this time. I am making plans to go to Indiana for 3 weeks to be with him and help care for him, as needed. It's all so hard to fathom as I am 3,000+ miles away. I know once I get there it will be all too real. I plan to leave the 23rd but we haven't gotten my plane ticket yet. We are still trying to decide whether to buy a one way ticket so I can stay longer than 3 weeks if necessary or to just buy the round trip ticket. I am in school and really need to be home by finals but if worse came to worse I could work something out. The main reason I need to come home after that is money. My husband needs to work and he only has enough vacation and personal time to allow me to stay 3 weeks. Overall the school and his job has been so understanding and helpful. We have wonderful friends and family (mostly) to help us through this time. I find it the hardest that my husband and kids can't go too. If my Dad doesn't last until summer then they won't be able to see him again. This breaks my heart.

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