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Nothing new

pearcenalaska's picture
on November 11, 2009 - 9:25am

Talked to my step-mom this morning and there is no improvement. He is still on the high level of oxygen and now he is a bit confused. The nurse thinks it's from lack of sleep. He is no longer on pain meds. He has sleep apnea but has never used the breathing machine (he's very stubborn) so they prescribed one and hopefully he will sleep well. The tests came back inconclusive for infections. My step-mom, who is a respiratory therapist, thinks he may have aspirated food or drink. At least he isn't declining but not so encouraging because he is at stand still. I want to be there so badly but fear if I go then I won't be able to stay if things get really bad. Being in the middle of the semester is complicating things so badly.

On top of it I am 'getting' a cold. I say it like that because all semester I have felt like I was getting one. Sore throat, sinus grossness.

Now that I have dumped all this depression I am going to see if there is any new Josh stuff to cheer me up :)

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