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Mohegan Sun

Permelia's picture
on July 31, 2011 - 9:05pm

I'm still thinking about Josh's wonderful performance at Mohegan Sun last night. Josh just keeps growing and growing with his talents. The voice that captivates, his wit, kindness and consideration for his audience, his energy. His compositions and piano performance are awesome. What a great drum solo! Wonderful musicians with him. Oh, wow! Not to mention his stage presence and good looks. Don't worry about your love life, Josh. It's bound to happen. You're so busy, how could a girl catch up with you. Also, it's hard to believe you can't dance. You definitely have the moves.

Josh, you make such a difference in my life. Following your career is a bright spot in my life. I saw "Crazy, Stupid Love" Friday. I was hoping to see you in one more scene. You did a good job. Tomorrow I have to get up and make sure I see you on "Regis and Kelly" and make sure I catch you on David Letterman tomorrow night. Don't you ever rest? God Bless.

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