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Meeting Josh at the first concert Copenhagen 2013 - 28/5

Pernille's picture
on May 28, 2013 - 3:16pm

so, I was, earlier today, at my very first concert. of course it was with Josh. so, I found out a week ago, that I was picked to the meet&greet. ugh! I couldn't fall asleep. so, today my mom and I was at the concertplace a good time before, and we just had a nice time.
So, we got in the room, where we knew we were going to meet the almighty Josh. so we got in a line, and all of a sudden, he walked through the doors and said :" hi!. Hi Copenhagen" and we all went crazy inside. I was the fourth to meet him, and my hands were shaking so bad, that I had to hold them against my CD, otherwise, I would've probably dropped my camera.
so, this really nice security guy, who was danish, made some jokes, and I calmed down a little. right until I had to walk over to Josh. I was shaking, and he said "nice to meet you" and I just made a sound that sort of sounds like "hrhrahrhrh" and nodded. so he laughed, and made the same noise, and saw my shoes. he said that he liked them (blue converses) and then said "you're very blue" (was wearing a blue sweater too) and I said "I like blue" and he said "me too". so he asked for my name, and I told him, then I spelled it for him, and then I got a pic with him. then I walked away shaking, trying to breathe as normally as possible.

later, I got a All That Echoes Tour hoodie, and we went to our seats. it was such an amazing concert, and I loved how you were able to feel the bass, even from behind you.
it was amazing, and I wish it wasn't over, but unfortunately it is :/

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