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“Before We Begin” … at the Granada Theater

Per.Sempre.Josh.Fan.Jan's picture
on November 20, 2010 - 3:27pm

The Granada Theater is so grand
bronze Spanish Dancer statues
seem to great as you come in
sweeping staircases
scrolled wrought iron railings leading to the balconies
ceiling and stage facade painted with murals for all to view
warm rich colors of red
cooled by lights of vivid blue

Seated four rows from the stage
anticipation fills the air
the curtain opens
fans burst with excitement
and there he is
the man of the night
Josh Groban… is in sight

Lying on the couch
with his buddy Sweeney by his side
Josh awakens with surprise
Mouthing the words…“What the”…

Josh carries shy Sweeney to the front of the stage
Sweeney runs off into the wings
never to be seen again

Josh greets his audience and announces
he has no idea how the show will go
there are no plans to follow
he’s excited about his album and asks
“So... What do you want to know?”

The audience throws a barrage of questions at him
A lady asks… “Can I sit on your couch?”
Josh wrote her name on the white board
he wrote Port wine
he drew a cube and says…
“I like drawing cubes”

Josh sang an array of songs that night
some old and some brand new
all flawlessly sung …
Changing Colors
February Song
Hidden Away
Un Dia Llegara
Higher Window
…just to name a few

Some he sang while playing the piano
and some while sitting on a stool
all with Tariqh on guitar
Mark on piano and accordion too

Josh invited two ladies on stage
to sing “The Prayer” with him
as they started to sing
Josh sat on the couch
as a spectator before joining them

Amid performing songs
he answered more questions
talked about his experiences
all while joking
as only Josh can

Toward the end of the eve
Josh invited fans to the couch you see
Shelly was first of course
after all… he wrote her name on the board thrilled
she forgot her husband
left him sitting in skepticism
he asked Josh if he could join in
Josh said… “Ask Shelly”
who said; yes you can

Josh inquired about married couples of several years
found one who’s been wed for 45 years
and invited them to the stage
next fans were randomly chosen
to join the group on the stage sofas

As the courteous host that he is
Josh poured glasses of wine
and served them one at a time
he made a joke to the group on the couch
as they looked like they were posing
in Norman Rockwell setting
it was a hilarious moment in time
as they all laughed and drank the wine

Josh revealed that David Foster was in the house
gave some history about their relationship
and then he sang “Broken Vow”
to the group on the couch

Josh visited with his audience
while sipping his glass of wine…
sang more songs
Gira Con Me Questa Notte
Play me
then he played
The Wondering Kind

He sang “Per Te” with perfection
bringing the concert to an
all too soon conclusion

Then to top the evening off
I met Mark Stephens in the parking lot
we spoke, shook hands
then I had a photo with him

As Josh was leaving
he signed my Billboard Magazine
then he shook my hand
I thanked him as we were embracing

I graciously Thank Josh and his team
for this fun filled evening
a brilliant idea the casual living room scene
as Josh’s performance was outstanding
from the opening to the ending
and everything in-between

What a night Josh gave to remember!

So now I have only one thing left to say
I will be waiting for Josh
to bring his grand “Illuminations” tour
through his home state of CA

© 11/10/2010 JR before we begin poem / Josh Groban photographs/videos

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