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on April 17, 2011 - 9:40pm

The skies were clear; the air fresh carrying the scent of spring on its wings. I drove through the countryside to San Juan Bautista, a little historical town that was hosting an open air art festival. As I was poking around the art venders I was stopped by a man who asked me if I was related to Jan -married name. I did not recognize him but said that that was my name; he was very surprised. He had worked with my husband and knew of me as the ill-treated wife of an alcoholic. He said that he had heard that I was dead and had wondered what had happened to our girls. He was relieved to know that the girls and I are alive. Then he said that I look twenty five years younger from when he last saw me over a decade ago. Am I regressing in age? I definitely feel it but I don’t see it.

I have written before that Josh has a healing quality; an energy that is felt through his voice and songs. And it is with encounters as I had today that instills in my heart of how much Josh’s qualities and talents have personally helped me. I felt real compassion and comfort from listening to Josh sing which inspired me to write about the trauma that had consumed my life. I began to feel better which made me feel young and alive again. “Thank you Josh, In my eyes, you truly are amazing”.


All it takes is to hear your name
Which makes me feel alive again
Every time I see your face
A smile comes to mine again

There was a time when life would end
My soul was lost and who knows when
A broken heart would ever mend
From slowly dying away

With a voice from the heavens
You came along
And with a message in your songs
That’s what it took to want to live on
You’ve made me feel alive again

A soul that lost the joys of life
Restored to faith and hope
Looks forward to a new day
Seeing the sunrise as beautiful again

It’s not enough to know you’re there
I hold your voice within my heart
Because your soul shines with care
You’ve awakened my world
And I feel more alive today than ever

Your eyes that hold the love within
My heart feels your warmth and then
While my past fades away
I find the peace as my new life begins

You gave my soul a cause to live
So you hold a place within my heart
Like no other


© 2010JR from the manuscript: Bittersweet Emotions
© 11/10/2011JR photo: Josh Groban

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