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I need to ramble,

Per.Sempre.Josh.Fan.Jan's picture
on December 11, 2010 - 1:03pm

This morning I received a call from my dear friend Dr. Bob, who treated my injury for many years for, and during that time I have come to know his patients quite well. He called to inform me that two of his patients had died; one was an economy induced suicide; the other from lack of treatment for lymphoma, it’s very sad. These people were near our age; Bob and I are one week apart and in my opinion sill young at middle age. But Bob says, “Were getting old” and that got to me.

I don’t feel old anymore. Bob healed my body but I did not feel alive until June 2008 when I watched Josh’s “Awake Live” DVD. It was the magic power of Josh, through his voice and message in his songs on that album that broke the torturous hold that was chocking my existence. Bob healed my physical body but Josh healed my soul and spirit and I have felt young and alive ever since then.

Josh had shown me a way at face the force that had a death hold on my life through writing stories about my past; which transformed into poems, which evolved into a book; which I dedicated to Josh because of his inspirations that helped me so much.

I feel sorrow for those who we have lost and pray that they will rest in peace. And as harsh as this may sound, I cannot allow anything to pull me down to make me feel old again.

I’m staying awake, young, alive and now… more illuminated!

© 2010 JR: Sun rays photo

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