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Josh powers that be...

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on December 6, 2011 - 10:12pm

Of course the power failed when temperatures plummeted below freezing last night while I'm pet sitting a geriatric 19 yr old cat who cries constantly; 3 dogs, one blind and constantly barks, another who is extremely obese, constantly begs and refuses to go on walks, but he is quiet, and one normal spaniel. Then there are three parrots, two of which are not confined and fly throughout the house at leisure constantly squawking, loudly... Oh, they bite too. Needless to say... I did not sleep well. And trying to get ready for work was challenging with brushing my teeth in ice water and putting on frozen makeup. Next, feeding breakfast to the pets who all have to be fed in different areas; even the dogs have issues with eating next to each other. Making my breakfast and lunch for work and trying to eat my own breakfast was a battle with everyone wanting it instead of their own. The birds were the worst; did I mention that they bite hard with that big can opener in the middle for their face. But out of pure determination, I made it to work on time.

Today was one of my regular longer working days with two jobs, which usually is not a problem; until today, because I have to return every 3 hours to let the dogs out who refuse to use the dog door.

At the end of my first job, I popped my lunch in the micro and I went the powder room. Again, usually not a problem, until today when I turned the doorknob to leave and the latch had locked itself. The homeowners were not home and I did not know when they would return. My cell phone was in the laundry room. I tried everything to get the door open but nothing worked. There was not anything in the cabinet or in my pockets to use as a screwdriver, the hinge pins were on the opposite side of the door and the window was too small to crawl out. On any other day, this probably would have been no big deal, although I have never been confined before. But today I had concerns with dogs who were ready to pop, another client scheduled in the afternoon (being late is not an option in my book) and I'm locked in the bathroom for who knows how long.

Ok, I thought... this could be worse. Look at the perks; I have a freshly cleaned bathroom, a faucet of fresh water. I looked for some reading material but there was none; which was for the best because my glasses are with my phone. The powder room is a tiny 6' x 3.5' half bath with a hardwood floor and a small Persian throw rug. I sat on the rug, leaned against the wall, turned on my iPod and listened to Josh sing my cares away. Then the heat kicked in and with the heat register at my back, I just closed my eyes, relaxed and warmed up. While listening to Josh's comforting voice, I envisioned a new poem to write, (but it's not about this day). Today I learned that Josh has a power that can inspire me even when I'm physically trapped and mentally overwhelmed.

My client returned home within a short time, pulled the door hinge pins and I was free with their apologies because they had forgotten to tell me about the doorknob lock sticking. I made it back in time to let the dogs out before any accidents occurred, and to my afternoon job on time.

It makes me happy that Josh's songs helped end my day on a high note. The experience definitely would have been much more distressing without his calming voice.

And to complete this evening; the power has been restored, the birds will not be allowed in the room that I'll be using tonight. I found a big down comforter that I shall curl up under to keep toasty with "old cat". I'll plug my iPod into my portable speakers, listen to Josh sing, and begin writing my new poem. Thanks Josh!

Good night!

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