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Josh powers that be... conclusion

Per.Sempre.Josh.Fan.Jan's picture
on January 26, 2012 - 8:52pm

On December 6, 2011, I wrote an entry in my journal titled "Josh powers that be..." about how "I learned that Josh has a power that can inspire me even when I'm physically trapped and mentally overwhelmed". Early this month, I finished the poem that I envisioned...

When time stands still

There is a meadow in my heart
Where I often walk to dream
And watch the dragonflies dart
Between the reeds that gently sway
As silence lay in stillness
You've come, to meet with me

We stroll through the meadow
A breeze whispers with the leaves
Where flowers grow wild
Time stands still
With our reflections upon the stream

I look into your eyes
Hold your hands in mine
Keep a promise to my soul
And speak the words, to unfold
I must tell you... you must know

I am forever grateful
Your light cast the shadow from my soul
Now birds sing sincerity
While butterfly wings beat harmony
My meadow gleams truth
I am, here with you

There is a meadow in my heart
Where I often walk to dream
When time stands still
While you walk here with me
I look into your eyes
And hold your hands in mine
Then speak these words
That echo through my mind

Your heart sings hope
Your voice captures souls
Your soul mends hearts
Your spirit's faith glows

These qualities you hold
Are why I honor you so

January 2012

Copyright ©1/2012 JR poem: When time stands still
Copyright ©1/2012 JR photo: El Capitan Meadow, Yosemite Nat'l Park

Dear Josh,

Many writers' comment that they have been writing all of their lives, but that is not true in my case. It was just three years ago when listening to you sing your consoling songs that brought such comfort, peace and strength, inspiring me to write the poems that became my instrument to face a traumatic past and begin moving forward in a positive way.

Writing has also given me a way to tell you that you truly have brought a brighter outlook and happiness back into my life. Our paths have crossed a few times in as many years and during our brief encounters I have been far too timid to speak up and tell you the things that have made you mean so much to me. Writing poems about you and to you have provided an unhurried opportunity to say what is in my heart in a more eloquent manner.

However, I have faith that the day will come when I can speak to you with regained confidence. Until then, I hope that you have a moment to read my poems to understand the profound impact your talents, energy and spirit have had on my life, and to know how grateful I am to you.

Josh, I Thank you from the bottom of my heart! I wish you continued success in all that you envision. You truly are an amazing man.

Per Sempre Josh fan Jan

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