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Sorrow looms over devastated Japan.

Per.Sempre.Josh.Fan.Jan's picture
on March 21, 2011 - 1:17am

Videos of the proud and dignified people of this nation weeping is heart wrenching!
My heart aches for the magnitude of lives lost in Japan.

Through Josh’s comforting voice and compassionate songs I was able to face loss and as I wrote this poem he showed me a way to cope by embracing the memory.

My heart goes out to Japan and although I have not known loss on their level, I dedicate my poem ‘Loved from afar” to the people of Japan for their loss.

Loved from afar

You are loved from afar
No other way for this love to be
And yet with deep desire

Within the beating of my heart
I want to see you face to face
Hear your voice dance within my soul
And know your loving embrace

You are there
But not for me
For we were never meant to be

Distant shores across the seas of time are we
And as I surrender to my saddened heart
I keep you safe, within my dreams

Hidden in the shadows of my mind
Our souls are dancing
With the truth in knowing
That this could only happen
In another place in time

You are loved from afar
As distant shores are we
For we can only truly be

When we dance within my dreams
When we dance within my dreams


Copyright © 2010 JR poem/photo from the manuscript: Bittersweet Emotions

I thank you again Josh; for your comforting voice and your compassionate songs that brought the light of hope, faith, strength to cope and love back into my life.

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