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Per.Sempre.Josh.Fan.Jan's picture
on May 1, 2011 - 9:46pm

The closer the “Straight to you” tour gets the more excited I get. The "Before we begin" shows were fabulous in the small theatre setting; simple props and some audience interaction. The live Q&A added a whole different dimension to the shows making them unique in their own way as I can imagine that no two were alike. Josh is a very interesting person. I enjoy listening to him speak about his experiences, his likes and dislikes and how he looks to his future. His choice of text questions during the tour shows seem like the best way to continue the audience interaction by selecting pertinent questions to be answered intermittently and maintaining Josh’s performance as foremost. As a fan of Josh Groban I am the lucky one; I’ve been having the time of my life and it only keeps getting better!


From out of the blue
He seemed to be sent
Standing young and meek
In front of the elite
And then he sang
With a voice of lightning and thunder
He became one of them

Fingers gracing the keys
To songs that hold his heartbeat
Soulful words of sorrow and joy
All listen with captivating wonder

Risen to the highest mountains peak
By the souls he entranced
With love from his very spirit
Their lives forever enhanced

Oh, he sings… "I am just a man"
But we are the lucky ones; his fans
Who are "Closer", "Awake" and "With You"
Through every step with this man

Gazing through the shadows
To one whose "Illuminations" are grand
Shining hope, faith and love
All over the land

Josh Groban…
What a magnificent man

© May 1, 2011 JR: poem
© 11/10/2010 JR: Josh Groban photo

Dear Josh, Thank you for all of your endless hard work in creating such meaningful songs. Wishing you and your entire team the best time of your lives while on world tour; may you all be in the safest hands as you travel.
Looking forward to seeing you soon,

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