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Another One Goes

Queen4JGro's picture
on April 25, 2012 - 5:22pm

I am sitting in bed with a stuffy head and my eyes want to shut. I look out my bedroom window on the second floor and see the cloudy, gray sky, tree limbs barely moving. A bird feeder would be nice up in that tree so I can watch the birds if I am in bed taking a break from the noise.

The days are going by so quickly. My best working buddy and friend for 27 years is retiring and Monday is her last day. Our youngest daughters are the same age. My oldest daughter and her only son have the same first names, but are about three years apart in age. We have been through hell and back together. She has been my cheerleader and I've been hers for 27 years. We have gone on mini vacations with other friends or children. It is hard to believe after all this time she will be gone. I almost lost her - once when she was in a car accident and broke her neck and three years ago she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She is fine. I'm blessed. I will adjust as I have in the past with all of the others that have either retired, moved on to another office, new position, or passed away. We are going on a trip we talked about 10 years ago, Cape May, New Jersey and one day in New York City. We will be staying with her sister a couple of nights and she has no idea what she has to deal with - me.

My friend printed out for me a beautiful itinerary and on June 18th she has New York City. Next to it I wrote, "God willing, I will see Josh Groban if he is in New York. I have to wear my Josh Groban tee shirt." She asked me this morning for a copy. I told her it would not be a problem, but she would have to read my notes, one of which was about June 18th. She put her head on the counter and said "OH NO!" She has no idea what she is in for ........

If I sit long enough and dwell on the fact that one more time I am left behind, tears pour down my face. There have been so many people I have trained. I only have one semester of college under my belt and all but two of the others have at least a Bachelors Degree. In October, another staff member is moving to Iowa.

Time will tell.

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