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Four Letter Words

Queen4JGro's picture
on January 11, 2012 - 10:03pm

I started writing this journal a few minutes ago and erased it all and now I am starting all over again. I am very tired. It is 12:48 a.m. and Wednesday was one of those days where my head feels like it has been spinning in circles. It is the full moon. I swear. It brings the craziness out in people, at least those I have daily contact with.

I am only a couple of weeks away from having to make a very big decision. I don't like making such decisions and would really prefer if someone else would take care of it for me. For months, I have been waiting for this moment when I can fill out my papers, give a final date and on April 31, 2012 say goodbye to the life I have lead for 38 years. Retire....... Now it is right in my face and very real. Here comes one of my four letter word enemies, fear. During my childhood, fear kept me from doing having a fun social life. By fun, I don't mean going out partying with my friends, getting into trouble, etc. I am talking about going to school dances, becoming involved in school organizations, etc. Fear is still a four letter word. Fear is not all bad since it can prevent some people from getting involved in criminal behavior or making very big mistakes.

I thought of some other four letter words that can make a huge human impact: Hate, love, pain, sick, soap, lies, clap, song, sing, busy, work.

Whoops! My eyes started to shut and my hands jumped and flew to the left of the keyoard. Time for me to get some sleep.


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