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Key Frenzy

Queen4JGro's picture
on December 4, 2011 - 10:11am

In September, in one week I locked my keys in the car 3 times. Thank goodness I only had to call the locksmith twice.

Yesterday, my friend and I decided to take our sons to a craft show an hour away from home. My son took the van key so I got in the van and we left. The craft show was amazing. So many talented people. I saw several projects people completed from magazines by Stampington and Company, which I really like. My creative juices were flowing by the time I left the building. It was misting outside, gloomy and cold. Snow advisories were in effect. I left my jacket in the van because I did not want to get overheated and carry it around. I put the key in the door and it did not move. I tried the other locks. No luck. I panicked. My son tried to get in through a back window. He is too big to fit now. All I could think of was to call home and ask someone to come with a key. It would be over an hour before they could get to us. We called 911. The police officer tried for over 30 minutes. No luck. As I was heading back to the building to wait until we were picked up, my friend saw a young mother with her mother and two little girls. She asked if the little girl would be willing to climb in the window and open the van up for us. She agreed. Within 3 minutes, we were in the van. We paid the little girl $15 and I hugged the mother and grandmother.

Did I learn a lesson? I would like to say yes. We shall see. I do know that I will be having a few door keys made on Monday and I will hide a set underneath the van.

The trip home started out fine. 15 minutes into the drive the snow was coming down so hard it was getting difficult to see the road. I so hoped that the deer would not come sprinting out from the woods. As I suspected, when we were 15 minutes from home, the snow completed stopped. It was as if a magic sheet was pulled up. Not one flake of snow had fallen to the ground.

Today is another cold, wet, gloomy day and I don't have any ambition, but I have a long list of chores to do because it is back to work tomorrow.

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