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Did not get what I wanted for my birthday!

RF4444's picture
on November 19, 2010 - 9:26pm

Hi Josh,

As soon as I saw that you were doing a show at the Schubert Theater I started dropping some major hints that I wanted tickets for my up coming birthday on Nov. 11. I told all of my friends that I wanted to go to the show in hopes that they would convince my husband to buy me tickets. My kids knew that I wanted to see the show. My fourteen year old daughter told her father that he HAD to get me tickets for my birthday! The night of my birthday I anxiously opened my birthday card. I held my breath as I opened it and I was hoping that I would see my tickets. The card was emptied! I could not wait anymore and asked my husband if I was going to your show. He said, no I bought you the leather furniture you wanted! Rats! I wanted Josh Groban tickets for my birthday I declared to my family. By the time I went to get my own tickets for the show they were sold out!!!! It was bad enough that I just turned forty five and now no Josh tickets! UGH! I did receive my fan edition cd on Nov. 15th. I was so happy. I immediately opened my package and watched the making of "Illuminations". Loved it! I listened to my cd and was amazed! I love every song on this beautiful album. I loved that you wrote most of the songs. Josh, this was so worth the wait. If and when you come to Boston for your tour I will be buying my own TICKETS!!!!

All the best to you.

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