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I caught Reagan.....

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on November 10, 2009 - 5:51pm

listening to Josh just now! :))))

My 14 year old daughter. She is into all sorts of eclectic music. It does me good to see her still loving Josh.

This past summer I took her to see Blink 182. I bought the tickets because my hope was to also see FallOutBoy and All American Rejects.

Talk about reject!!! We drove all the way to Atlanta and found out Blink was the only band playing. I went to the ticket booth to ask why we weren't notified of it and was told that because FOB and AAR weren't headlining Live Nation wasn't required to notify their customers. they didn't. I stifled my anger and went to sit down. Never heard the first thing Blink 182 sang. All I knew was that Travis Barker had been in a horrific plane crash and survived.

When I got home I googled the CEO of LiveNation and the CEO of Ticketing and I politely drafted a letter to them. I wasn't asking for anything except for them to change their notification policy and at least give their customers a chance to get a refund when things change.

I never expected to hear back from anyone. It just made me feel good to complain to someone. Especially after a whole day of work missed and all that driving to Atlanta.

About a week later I got the nicest email from the CEO of ticketing. He was very apologetic and advised me that they were changing the policy about notifications in concerts. He also invited me back to Atlanta to see the show of my choice next summer.

Honestly....I don't know if I will take them up on it. It just depends on who will be at that particular venue. Bottom line it just felt good to be HEARD and acknowledged!!

He said "Sometimes we lose sight of our customer's expectations."

That's all they needed to say......I'm easy I guess.

Reagan loved the show and she took a friend that had never been to a big name concert ever. He was in heaven. So that part of it was fun.

I'm still navigating around the new sight. I love it and I love that Josh is so involved.

I'm not as over the top about him as I used to be. Don't misinterpret that. I love him as a person and as an artist. I respect him. I think we're just old friends now.

But....don't think I won't go all fan girl at his next show. Because I completely will!!!!


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