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Unnecessary Drama.....

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on August 1, 2010 - 3:24pm

Don't you hate that?

It's everywhere you turn these days. People taking themselves way to serious.

Maybe I have a great combination of meds going on, but when my dramadar goes off.....I'm outta there!

Trust me - it's liberating.

Of course, there are some things that you can't run from. Like your 14 year old teenager and all the fun that entails.

This week I fell head first into it. My daughter Reagan has a boyfriend that she's dated for awhile. I like to call him "velcro". I'll let you think about that for a second.

He's a very sweet boy, but just...toooo MUCH!

We had drama the week before when he decided to text pictures of his penis to Reagan. Reagan confided in me that he did that. I kept it under wraps deciding what I would do about it. She said it made her extremely uncomfortable.

The next day she was going to see him and I texted her to tell Matt the next time he texts anything remoting resembling his penis to her that I would personally beat the sh*t out of him and gladly go to jail for it.

Robert got nosy and read my texts and went through the roof. He confronted him over chat because Matt conveniently couldn't find his phone. Robert read him the right act.

He's been scarce since all that.

In the meantime Reagan has been hanging with other friends,etc. Matt has been very jealous. They fought - to the point where he "broke up" with her. We were all sitting at Wendy's when he texted her that they were through then he called ME!!! He felt like he needed to tell me and he could hardly talk through tears.
Then I started to tear up. It was pitiful!! I can't stand to hear someone cry!!

She was glad he dumped her.

He was begging her back the next day.

She said no.....thank God!!

So, that's the kind of drama you can't run from really.

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