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This ones for you

robinrn6's picture
on February 6, 2012 - 2:25am

I forgot how to pray so many years ago
all my tears flew away from a cold heart made of stone

when I needed you, you were never around yet
when you required me to nourish you, your impatience grew, at a frightening speed if I refused.

I have transformed into a void, blank empty soul except when I close my eyes and listen to Josh sing. I fly away on his whispers, elevated to the stars. Safe in the knowledge that I can take flight out of the prison I constructed into an explosion of such sensual loving sounds. Josh you are gifted. A gift from some God. Will I ever meet you? I NEED TO GAZE INTO YOUR BROWN CHOCOLATE eye's. Lightly touch your cheek with a soft kiss.
Then I will walk away knowing, if I were so bad, Josh would never agree to see me so the dream lives on even if you don't know me.

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