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The real Catfish story

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on January 14, 2012 - 6:59pm

‎7 or 6 years ago I made catfish look like a cartoon. There was no intent to harm. I just wanted to start a online support group for friends around the world and got the group off the ground by creating different characters. One of my online friends from Mexico, took me up on my invitation to visit our family seafood house, in Ocean Beach Fire Island. That made the deck crumble. 12 people, all me...started a small group turn into one with thousands. My son thinks that someone I was very close to took the idea and filmed it. 2 of my female characters fell deeply in love with 2 different men. I also played a few male parts and carried it on for over 2 years. I was so close to so many of them that it took on a life of its own. My friend from Mexico thought I was brilliant and said I should join Mensa for having the ability to play so many parts for so long. Everyone of my 12 characters had their own story, personality and location. I think I might just make that video. Never with you Josh. I still would love to talk to you over a cup of coffee :}
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