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Getting easier...

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on November 10, 2009 - 6:34am

Didn't want to be a "sad sack" yesterday on the first day of the new site, Dad passed away suddenly last Friday from pneumonia. He had Parkinson's disease and was living in the veteran's home in Maine so he was susceptible to such illnesses. My brothers e-mailed me early Fri AM he was in the ICU at the hospital and by mid morning he had passed away. My son (who is now 16) and I will be traveling to Maine for the memorial on the Friday after Thanksgiving. Josh's music has been a great relief and comfort these past several days.

So what else has happened in the passing months...

my son has received his driver's permit and mother has received many more gray hairs. JV foot ball season is over and rugby starts today (better get his paperwork done).He is a sophomore in high school now. He turned 16 on Sun 11/8. Seems like only yesterday I was giving birth to him.

going on a cruise with my son and a good FOJG friend in March (can't wait to meet her).Once he finds another teenager to hang out with I will never see my son except when he sleeps, eats or needs money. My son asked to come along and I love traveling with him as we always have a good time.

work is going along and I have unit verfication on Thurs.(each year we must recertifiy on all the special pieces of equipment we use in the ICU). Now that we are a higher level trauma center the adult ICU is staying busier than ever. I actually like the trauma patients.

looking at doing some house renovations in stages. Found someone, got the estimate and now it is just figuring out the timing. Probably start after the new year.

Well that's about it for now..


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