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Should of known...

RuthLM's picture
on December 15, 2009 - 2:56pm

Well, I should of known I would pay for this bit of luck. On Sat I was sent home 4 hours early from work. Yeah!! then...

On Sun morning at 0535 they told me to stay home until 11am. In 40 minutes they hospital called and told me I needed to come in as we were getting problem. Went to work and admitted my patient. So far, so good. Then came the 2hour MRI for my patient. When I came back..surprise!! you have another patient from the floor who is already here and guess what!! unstable. One doctor was telling me to do one thing, would get that done and another doctor would tell, that's not the problem with the patient do this. I spent so much time on the phone with doctors (some of whom were not appreciating my efforts) I was having a hard time getting the orders done. Unfortunately, despite my best efforts he extended his heart attack, went into shock and had a resp/cardiac arrest. Thankfully, he survived but is still quite sick. Needless to say I was at work 4 hours late finishing up my charting.

And it was another fun day at the Medical Center of ??

Need to keep reminding myself..I love my job, I love my job.

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