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And now back to you Josh in the studio

SabrinaLovesJosh2's picture
on September 8, 2011 - 6:18pm

hello Grobanites

As I re read my last few entries I feel like I was being selfish.
All I talked about was me this site is about Josh Groban and his
fabulous voice and his wonderful foundations!
LIke I says Now back to you Josh Groban in the studio

HIis voice has given me strength for the tough things in my life and I am grateful for him and his love of music love of life and his generosity!

What a fabulous man!!

And to think I saw his performance in SLC UTAH just a few weeks ago
Alas Im truly ungrateful for his talent and his inspirations.

Thank you Josh Groban and your life and for sharing it with us

Yours forever

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