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Mothers day

SabrinaLovesJosh2's picture
on May 8, 2011 - 3:41pm

Well Mothers day is here. Been having trouble with my asthma and breathing problems.
A major winter storm is approaching ( yes in May) and it is doing major work on my lungs and breathing.
My son brought me a gorgeous orchid (which is to be watered with ICE-whicn I didn't know) it is beautiful and appreciated.
Memories of my mom are haunting my pretty badly. She died two years ago
on May 4. Sorry to say we weren't close but I still love and miss her.
I tried hard to have a good relationship but it seems she didn't want one with me and so it goes....
Hubby has made a honest effort to make it a good day for me.
BBQ spare ribs, tossed salad and a soda. A cute card and I love you.
Works for me!!
I sure hope Josh is treating his mom ok this Mothers day!! He better!!

will update asap or what ever else happens

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