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Got To Past The Zero Mark & Real Tink Dress!

Siena Jackson's picture
on October 10, 2012 - 8:27pm

It's been a while since I wrote here, but I am pleased to announce that I have now gotten UNDER the Zero mark on the 5 part of the scale, now I am into the 4's! It may only be a fraction of an inch (1 lb) but it's there, I saw it, Josh, u can vouch for me! I am still trying. I have to take it kind of easy on workouts, I am at #69th one but my leg has this bruise'y stuff on it & the veins are swelled & itch, burn, hurt, & sting all at once. I have to put it up over my heart w/ a hot rag on it for 20 min. several x/day. I sat w/ them down 2 days in a row since I helped out at my Mom's mom's house she fell & now needs a lot more care. But now that I know it's not as big a job it's OK, not as scared to do it. She is glad I am there bc I also help keep kitchen clean & stuff, but I did & my leg has been hurting so I only right now do walking & light stuff. Walking I was told is as beneficial as the exercises. Now the puffy stuff is on my knee. I HOPE to lose to the next lowest 5 mark by the 19th bc that would be a full 20 bs lost all told! :D

But I also found me a real Honest-To-Goodness Tinker Bell dress! It's even sparkly. I have to work it w/ some hook-and-eye fasteners so it does not roll & give me an extra bump in the middle. It has been a long time coming. I need a pair of flesh-colored tights or leggings to wear under then also a t-shirt same color, but I do have another top I can wear under that to keep the illusion going & yet my arms are covered. I have a scar on one of my shoulders from a hot lightbulb touching me. No one liked me when I was little. Much like now. But the dress is shiny green on the Tink side & a pirate girl on the other side. It's sort of a job to put it on but I do. I will show first-time photos of the dress, but I was so happy bc for one it fits & will still look good when I do lose more, but it fits "fat ppl". I finally have it, even if it did cost $47! My stomach sticks out but the dress is shiny so it shows all ya got haha, working on that tho. I will take better pics to show @joshgroban. I pan to wear it on Pool night the last Mon. in Oct. just for fun. It kind of feels Zanny. But I am so happy. I tried 2 times to make one that is authentic but one person maked me what THEY DECIDED I need (mine wasn't practical they said), & 1 I couldn't explain right, so it wasn't what I had in my head but I Like it anyway bc my mom made it & it is awfully cute, get lots of compliments. I still will make the t-shirt one, gotta find a green t-shirt that is long, & a flesh colored one to attach to the top of it so again my arms are covered. I would just attach the green one to the flesh one. I would then take the part that's ribbed at the neck & cover it w/ something that looks like a necklace. Easy enough. Just have to get to a t-shirt shop that has the green & flesh ones. I need them big enough that if I lost weight they'd still look OK but also I can cinch it up w/ a drawstring or something. The t-shirt video is so easy & I hope I could had-sew it maybe. I would try. She made wings, but I have wings. I am going to renew FOJG after they launch the WP so I do not miss out this year. But when I do I will put me as Tink on my picture haha Zanny Josh Groban!

Here are some photos of me in both dresses, 1 shows the weight I have lost btwn '09 & '12. The other is my costume dress..

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