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It's Been.a While...

Siena Jackson's picture
on May 8, 2014 - 6:11pm

It's been quite,a,year.

I am still trying to save up my $1,500 for the VIP pkg for Josh. I am long overdue for another Josh infusion, in full blown Terminal Grobanitis mode.

We lost my mom's mom on 4-23-2014 & her funeral was the 29th. But the last week or so, she hallucinated & saw stuff that wasn't there, ppl in the house & the kitchen being messed up. It was funny but heartbreaking too.

There were lots of ppl who did come, but none of them stayed except my sister whom I did surprisingly well talking to but no touchy stuff came up so that helped, she was more concerned w/ making a quilt for our raffle & helping my mom w/ overseeing that stuff in Grandma's house didn't walk off that ppl had said they wanted, but yet the girl who was her caretaker seems to want to rid the house of anything that was there. It's kind of disturbing. I understand how painful some things are but she didn't have things stacked or sorted, it was all piled up on the patio where ppl would go to smoke or sit & talk. It really got to both my mom & my sister bad the way they did it. So eventually we are going to set things out on tables & have family who have said they want certain special stuff come & see if it's still there, I have a ring & sparkly necklace that was hers & a few other things that were special to me in my childhood. It's a little easier bc when I see them I remember good times.

I am still struggling w/ weight as always but I will get out more as the weather gets nicer. I got a walk & a half to Walmart in yesterday & when I weighed today, I had lost 5 lbs but I had gotten a ride to there, bought some things & not gotten home w/ them all, so I went back right quick & they had put it back for me at the register I checked out thru. It's a jacket I got & was quite upset when I realized I missed it. It's actually a swim-suit cover that I thought could double as an over-jacket.

This month we are doing a raffle for Cystic Fibrosis & my sister made a quilt that looks like an owl & I am going to make a necklace & hopefully a bracelet & earrings if I have enough beads. Plus I am going to make my mom a necklace for Mother's Day. It is an owl but she really likes owls & right now they are big so they are easy to find. I remember when my secret sister that I was giving to was into pigs, I had a hard time finding pigs of any kind. It is strange how things come & go like they do. But even my brother is donating some handcrafted things for our raffle bc we can't afford to do another Kindle like last year w/ all our medical bills, even I have one which I told my dentist about yesterday, I had to get a sore spot fixed still. I wish we could get them all but they still pop up. But we are doing more of a creative table this year instead of an electronic something. Maybe next year we can do another big thing, but last year we raised $722 for CF. We even have a China Doll for the raffle & my dad is making a sign to tell what all we have bc we will take a picture of each thing so we don't have to leave anything out to be tempting to walk off with.

I also am now at 7 gallons & 1 pint of blood donated & I'm headed for 8 gallons & beyond for as long as they want me to donate my O- blood. One pint will save 3 lives. I hope they still give a glass mug & a certificate at 8 gallons. That's been my goal as long as I've been donating. There is always need for Type O blood.

Here are some new pictures of me by myself as well as some photoshopped or "Face In Hole" pics of me & Josh & 2 of the Zanny deer & Zanny Josh.

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