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My Mom Is Cancer Free!!

Siena Jackson's picture
on February 13, 2014 - 9:57am

This past October (2013) my mom was diagnosed w/ Colon Cancer 26 yrs after a diagnosis of Ovarian Cancer, they got all the cancer in both cases & now doing another round of preventative Chemo for good measure in case a stray cell is hiding. She is still able to work & function pretty close to normally. We are all learning new stuff compared to last time,& it can get frustrating & trying, ppl get touchy & grumpy which is hard to take for me who only want to help & make things easier. She works & we still do Eagles but she does get tired. With this comes sometimes her white blood cells get lower than they want them to be. Then we make sure the germs are at a very minimum & everything is very clean.

I am still saving up for JOSH...I want that VIP pkg for his next Portland Oregon show so she can enjoy herself & my Asperger's Syndrome Disorder (possible) sensory issues don't et in the way like the heights did & the feeling sick. But I still want my hug, pic w/ him, to turn him Zanny & feel his hands!!! I want to sit on the Zanny couch w/ Zanny Josh!!! I want to sit on the lower level isle & maybe both get a hi-5 from him!!! I will show him my Zanny smile & Zanny necklace!! But mainly I want us both to have fun!! She did, but w/o the sensory & height issues we'd have had more fun. PLUS we couldn't get to busses!!! >;( :'( The cars blocked us in!!!!! Stupid Human Beens told them too!!

But to all my FOJG/ friends who sent out prayers & positive vibes, thank u!! I will never ever doubt the power of prayer or the power of Josh's music & voice. He is truly an angel & a hero...w/o him, I'd be not here anymore.

I gained my 15 lbs back but now that weather is a bit warmer, I can walk outside more. I got me a folding cane for outside & in stores. It sure helps. I was told walking helps as much as the work-outs which I took the routine home & could do here it's just "doing it".

I made these photos all but the one of my light-up heart heart beats for JOSH!!! Also showing off my dad's birthday cake which I drew a Seattle Seahawks emblem mo & he loved it!! It was day before the big game so we did it on Sunday during the game. :D

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