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Need Prayers for My Mom.

Siena Jackson's picture
on December 4, 2013 - 4:35pm

I know it's been ages & eons since I made a journal entry & I feel like a bad Grobanite, but we've had quite the year. First off, I never did fully recover from my pinched nerve, it has days where it is very iffy whether it holds my weight or not. I still have tingling & numbness & it will suddenly let go & I fall down. I need a Zanny Josh.

My mom had surgery to remove a growth from her colon, which when they took 16 lymph-nodes instead of 12, they found 1 w/ a bad part in it. She has to do PREVENTATIVE CHEMO, & today she had a PET scan, the other day she had her MRI & the 6th she sees the Oncologist to see how MUCH chemo to do, & we are hoping they let her have a pump so her life is not restrictive. Last time she has hospital stays every month. This time, they want twice a month & maybe that means she won't have very long to be on it, but I want to see the Chemo beat the bad guy cells & make her healthy again. I hate to thk it's another attempt by my dead relatives to get back at us. She is only 69, her mom is 91!! I don't want to lose one of VERY FEW ppl in my family who are in my court. So I am asking for prayers & good vibes for her to get well. I even asked Hercules to ask a certain Divine one of HIS family members to help us too. I am friends w/ him on Facebook & usually everything he says turns out right. I am also sort of Facebook friends w/ Kevin Sorbo, so they are both my friends & I can see & hear them both when no one else can just like I can see & hear Josh. But anyway any & all prayers, good Vibes & positive thoughts would be much appreciated.

BY THE WAY these pics I post are from, photoshop or piZap & are all in FUN & LOVE. I mean NO harm, only want a REAL hug/pic w/ Josh to break the jinx I'm still under from my dead relatives.

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