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Siena Jackson's picture
on November 30, 2011 - 12:54am

I would like to report that after many months of healing from my denture surgery, I was still getting sore spots and discomfort with them. I wold take them out ot eat anything, well, finally after many trips to the dentist to have sore places relieved, I can now so far finally chew soft things w/ them in, it's taking a while bc I have to relearn how to move them w/o choking or swallowing wrong. I have to be careful I don't bite the sides of my cheeks or lips, it's all new, but so far after 1 day, I could chew some things. It didn't totally kill me to put them in, this is only the first day, haven't tried anything hard to chew, and I have to take smaller bites to avoid choking as it runs in or family to choke very easy, it's just a hair-trigger reflex and we all do it. Anyway by the grace of God and the power of @joshgroban I am making progress! Here is me now, I'm holding a Zanny skeleton and I pushed on his face to show he's soft and feels like Josh!

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