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My Health and Other stuff

Siena Jackson's picture
on December 16, 2010 - 1:21am

I had my doc's visit, on 11-22-10 I went to the ER w/ a attack of gall bladder, it was so bad that even Josh's music wasn't calming it down anld when I threw up, there was no pic of Josh on the stuff so I knew it wasn't Grobanitis unfortunately cuz if that would have been the case Josh could just have held onto me and sang. So they gave me some high-powered pain meds and we set up a new doc's apptmt on the 9th of this month. I did that. It wasn't good. They had 2 try 3x for the bloodpressure but I been keeping a diary here at home and the doc. was very impressed w/ that. She want me to keep it up. But whe had me tell her what hurt and what didn't, and she poked and prodded and it hurt and I hollered for Josh believe me. I tried to tell ehr somethings can't be done but no one believes me and they want to bive me the ultrasound on the 17th so on the evening meal on Thurs. I don't eat no beef, fried stuff, dairy, margarine or veggie oil and no food or drink after 12 am so that's OK then we just get outta bed, throw my moo moo on and go bye-bye, then labwork on the 27th which is a fasting lab and that means don't eat nothing after midnight and just get up and go. I like that idea. Then on the 30th they wanna put me on an 1870's torture device and I ain't saying no more 'bout that one cuz I don't wanna scare Josh. But they want to find cancer so they have an excuse to cut me up if u get me. My uncles always say retards shouldn't replenish the earth and guess what them 2 thk of me. Anwyay I know they WANT to find cancer so they can cut me up, I been lied to enought that ppl will say anyting to make u pliable. Sick of it I am. I am really scared they will turn me into a freak of nature and make me not love Josh and I WILL NOT STOP LOVING ZANNY JOSH GROBAN!!!!! I am inlove w/ him, Michael Jackson and FRodo and they can't vive me no drugs or shocktreatment or hysto...u know and I already said NO to any of that crud and they say they ain't there to cause pain, then why do they torture u??? They LIKE hearing screams. Sorry, I been around mental hospitals all my life and the stuff u see and hear is nightmare material. I need a lifesized walking, talking, singing and dancing Zanny one of all 3 of Michael, Frodo and Josh and Elijah Wood for good measure. I'm afraid parts are gonna go missing hat don't need to be, I only want gb and if they need them appendics disappeared, leave the other GOD-GIVEN thigns attatched and hooked up and working fine thx u very much. I am venting and it's bc I am scaerd, terrified, paranoid, mad, upset, humiliated...the relatives threw me out of Heaven b4 God was done w// me. I never been thru all this stuff and it's scares the ZANNY outta me. They scooped up all the bad family traits and gave them to me and said, "here, this joke of a sub-human lifeform can use them, we'll watch her have a screwed up life and take everything and everyone she ever loved." I am venting, but this is a Journal, u don''t have to read if u don't want to, but I am scareder thatn I ever been, I NEED JOSH!!! All except on the 30th only Michael Jackson on that day. But I will have more nees eventually.

I also have my computer in the pc hospital but b4 it crashed I make this:

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