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New here and will see JG in NC in 7/16

skyflyer1263's picture
on January 25, 2016 - 6:57am

Hello all! It has been many years since I saw Josh Groban in concert. First time was in Madison Square Garden in NYC when I lived there. I have lived in NC for the past year and have flown to other states to see other singers I love in concert this past year. I was just looking to see if he had any concerts in this state because I am flying to see another performer in May and was so happy to see he will be right here in NC. So I am looking forward to see him live again. I have been reading some of the posts about fans being disappointed and I hope that wont be the case. I had seen another performer I have loved for many years just recently in Phoenix where I went to see him in September. I had seen him live many years ago as well in Radio City Music Hall and Madison Square Garden and he was incredible. But I guess after so many years of performing, like anything else the voice loses its strength. So while I was very happy to see him perform again and I had really great seats, his voice wasn't very strong but I absolutely understood that. I am looking forward to his show this July!

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