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Hart Broken

Sophia Wheeler's picture
on October 4, 2011 - 8:06pm

Unfortunely I will not be attending Josh Grobans concert here in Miami Florida because I am to sick and the meds the doctor have me on makes me sleep. I am in to much pain I can barely keep food in my stomach and to make matters worse they told me that my surgury will be between this month October and November.

I wanted to scrream from the top of my lungs. However I have my Niecies and Nephews around me to put a smile on my face. Jabrey lipped sink to Josh Grobans you raise me up last weekend before he went out with his football friends. He play peewee football I believe he is a line backer and he nearly scored a touch down.

Fadora decided she wanted me to play with her stuffed animals with her so I did. It was fun however the pain is real and babies do not understand but someday they will.


Sophia Loren Wheeler/ October 4,2011 11:04 PM