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on March 29, 2013 - 4:59pm

Today when I logged on to my Josh Groban account. I found out I earned a badge YEAH!!! Believe it or not this was the highlight of the day. Because I had something to tell my family and I did not know how they would take it. I did not want to tell my parents however they had a right to know. When I told my family what the issue was my mom slumped over the chair my dad literally held his heart. And screamed from the top of his lung's as for me I am as strong as they come.

So I am going to have a bar-b-que and invite the gang over (Family & Friends) those who really know me. I am in good spirits making good grades in college I feel that everything is going to be ok. As I sat here listening to my Echoes cd I would like to wish Josh, and fans everywhere the happiest Easter ever stay safe.


Sophia Wheeler

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