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A Josh-A-Thon

ssambor's picture
on November 10, 2011 - 8:52pm

What with my birthday coming up, I decided that instead of going into mourning (which, at my age, by rights I should be doing), I would celebrate with some of my Grobanite friends by having an evening watching both Ally McBeal episodes where Josh played Malcom Wyatt, then finish it off with the PBS "Soundstage Presents Josh Groban in New York City" DVD. And we are having a fabulous pot-luck too, so we can munch while we watch. Nothing like feeding your body and feeding your soul at the same time, I think! Anyway, that's my upcoming Josh-A-Thon, as I'm calling it.

**You Know You're a Grobanite When: you buy two entire seasons of Ally McBeal just so you can watch two specific episodes with Josh in them! ;)

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