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The Tour & Such

ssambor's picture
on June 2, 2011 - 10:39am

I've read some of the tidbits from various media reports about the first few concerts in Josh's tour, and it's been getting fabulous reviews (and these reviews are not from Grobanites!) It has a more casual, intimate feel, what with the staging and lighting and Josh's banter with the audience, which is all for the good I think. I'm not one for big crowds. They make me claustrophobic, so I've got a good feeling about the concert I'm going to see. Finally, my first JG concert! Of course the irony is that due to my tinnitus problem I'm going to have to wear ear plug sound filters, and maybe even earmuffs over those, to tone down the volume. But I am still going to have myself a grand time just being there and seeing him perform!

On another note, it's been a learning experience being on this website. I'm not terribly tech-saavy, being of the 'senior' crowd, and finally figured out how to add an avatar (after figuring out what the heck an avatar is). I'm real proud of that. Talk about cheap thrills.

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