7 day vacation

7 day vacation

Auggh! Josh is on vacation. That will mean no tweets, probably. Already in withdrawal.

I so wait for those tweets. I know it's silly, that he doesn't say much, that he isn't really talking to me personally, but somehow I feel connected with him when he tweets. It always gives me a warm feeling to see them. He's such a funny, positive, gentle person. I like feeling that I'm his friend, even if he's only an imaginary friend for me. Hopefully, it's a harmless delusion.

It probably also means no TV appearances. I love watching those on the news thread here. He's so great on TV. I love listening to what he has to say. Again, he's funny, gentle, and positive, not to mention cute. We've been so blessed with so many TV and radio clips recently.

Maybe some day he'll have his own TV show, like Ellen. I would like that. I might even get cable so I could see it.

He even did tweet on vacation.

Yes, I suppose there will be fan videos from every concert, won't there? We'll be overwhelmed with them.

We all do and that's why Josh needs a vacation - alone time with just his family before his world gets wonderfully turned upsite down and won't get much of a chance to see them or spend time with them. Family is very important to Josh as it should be. Once he's refreshed he'll be able to tackle and enjoy this tour and his fans to the nth degree. Twitter withdrawal doesn't even compare to concert withdrawal which is even more "depressing" than not being able to have Josh tweet or even be on tv, radio, etc. We will get so much from him when the tour starts that your brain will go on overload (a good kind of overload). Grobie hugs, Taleen