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changes in Josh's performances

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on January 1, 2011 - 4:52pm

Snooze alert: This could be dull

Last night I was comparing the "Josh Groban in Concert" versions of Gira, "Broken Vow,", and "To Where You Are" with his performances of the same songs in the "Before We Begin" series, which are posted on Youtube. I was personally at the one in the Schubert. This was very interesting for me. I suppose that's an indication of the level of my obsession, but I was just fascinated.

Change I noted included: he's more of a slob and more relaxed than he used to be. He's more likely to sit on a stool & close his eyes now, while he was standing and had his eyes open before. He projects as older, naturally, which seems to include a much heavier, more operatic singing style.

I thought the London "To Where You Are" was much better than the earlier one. Josh seems to have improved a lot in projecting pain.

With respect to "Gira," I think I prefer the lighter style of singing, though his enhanced ability to hold powerful notes in his upper non-falsetto registers is impressive now.

With respect to "Broken Vow," which is supposed to be depressed, I'm undecided. I thought he projected as so depressed in the more recent versions that it was difficult to watch, but then maybe that's good for that song.

Josh has tweeted a couple of times recently that he's feeling old. I think one hears that when he sings. He does in fact project as an older person in some of these songs, older than 29, in any case. He doesn't project that so much when talking.

Still he managed to sing in a lighter fashion at the Apple Store. It would be interesting to know whether that was on purpose or whether it was because he wasn't feeling well, due to the recent flu episode before that.

He has mentioned several times that his predominant emotion internally in those earlier performances was terror. Somehow, though, the fear came through as a passionate, idealistic intensity, not as fear per se. That intensity was charismatic. Also, his standing up and keeping his eyes open made me feel a bit more included in the performances, even though sometimes he made funny faces when singing.

Anyway, I enjoyed the Shubert concert a lot. That was my first in person performance. He's always impressive in any case.

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