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straightarrow372's picture
on January 4, 2011 - 2:25pm

Loved the Kimmel appearances, though I am still craving hearing "Voce" with the full 60 piece orchestra and the female drumming corps like on the album. The huge sound there was part of what I loved.

Can anyone tell me what Taku is doing at the very beginning of the "Voce" performance? He's holding a rattle in one hand and a large wooden object in another. He moves the large wooden object aside and doesn't touch it again, though he does use the rattle. This is mysterious to me.

I'm really loving Taku. He's a very charismatic performer, very graceful, almost like a dancer.

Still missing Lucia. Josh always finds some beautiful women to play strings for him, but Lucia was special. Sigh.

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