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listening to concert clips

straightarrow372's picture
on May 14, 2011 - 9:24am

I am listening to the concert clips I'm finding on YouTube. They're totally awesome. Josh's voice sounds fabulous. It sounds like all those years of voice lessons are finally really paying off. The little vocal quirks that have sometimes haunted him in the past,like swallowing his tone, going nasal, sounding strained on high notes seem to be resolving -- and what is left is just amazing. Thanks to everyone for posting.

I am a bit concerned at the reports that the volume was too loud. I hadn't thought that Josh was someone who would give a concert where I would have to wear ear plugs. I would hate to have to do that, as it might block out some of the beauty of the music, but I have extremely sensitive ears, and medical research is showing that people with sensitive hearing are particularly likely to have hearing damage from loud sounds. In fact, many members of my family have suffered from age-related hearing loss, often quite severe -- so I really have to be careful.

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