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Merry Christmas, Everybody

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on December 24, 2010 - 6:16pm

I hope everyone is having a nice holiday or whatever it is that you do at this time of year, if anything. Hibernating could be good, I suppose.

I uninstalled desktop Josh, because he didn't seem to be working and now I can't find the link again. This website does not seem to have a search option.

Feeling a bit lonely this Christmas. The kids are with my ex & I'll be going over there tomorrow, having no place else to go. It's not like spending Christmas with my ex is my favorite concept, but hopefully the kids appreciate it.

I find my mind drifting to my sort of imaginary friend who this website is named after ... the one who I tweet almost every day, but who likely does not know I exist, as my tweets must just be so much noise in a cacaphony of tweets, not necessarily distinguishable from the background . There's something oddly comforting about his warm, mild face on his twitter icon. I sent him a "Merry Christmas" message. He must get a lot of those, I would think.

The weather forecasts for Los Angeles are worrisome. I hope floods will avoid him. But he sends a picture of a santa-like man in summer clothing and I think, "but how could Santa dress so lightly?" only to remember it's likely warm in L.A. I had a strange fantasy, though, of Josh trapped in his rumored L.A. apartment, above the rising flood waters, but with a group of people running out of food and water, tweeting gruesome details to a world that could listen but not rescue.

My mind is often taken with strange, macabre, disturbing fantasy scenarios for this imaginary friend -- not clear to me why I find that entertaining.

I saw the video of Josh performing on GMA this morning. I'm really growing to like Taku. He's a very charismatic performer.

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