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Never can tell for sure when Josh is joking

straightarrow372's picture
on September 1, 2010 - 7:44pm

Seemingly he has a pattern of saying something facetious before saying what he really means. Did he really want to call the album "Not Retired" and was he really turned down? Or was he just joshing, per usual? Hope the latter.

Certainly, "Not Retired" was an indication of being in touch with the frustrations of long term fans who had been waiting for so long for the next studio album. Does the studio not realize that, perhaps, after reading our comments for so many years on the Internet, Josh knows his fans better than they do?

"Illuminations" is fine, of course, if a bit cliche, but "Not Retired" was more Josh, I think, more his self-effacing and humorous persona. Do they think we don't know that Josh is really a music nerd? Do they think we don't like him that way?

Oh, well. Doesn't matter I guess. The music will be the important thing.

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